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    24 Ambulance Service Provided non-AC ambulance service is an ambulance that does not have air conditioning. Non-AC ambulances are commonly found in areas where temperatures are moderate and air conditioning is not a necessity. These ambulances are equipped with basic life support equipment, such as oxygen, stretcher, first aid kit, and a basic medical staff of a driver and an emergency medical technician (EMT).

    Non-AC ambulances are typically used for short distance transfers within a city or town, where the travel time is not very long. They may also be used in rural areas where there is a lack of infrastructure and air conditioning is not necessary.

    It is important to note that non-AC ambulances may not be suitable for transporting critically ill patients or those with severe medical conditions, especially in areas where temperatures can be extreme. In such cases, an ambulance with air conditioning and advanced life support equipment may be required.

    The cost of a non-AC ambulance service is generally lower than an ambulance with air conditioning and advanced medical equipment. However, it is important to consider the specific needs of the patient and the medical situation when choosing an ambulance service.