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    24 Ambulance Service is a critical service that provides emergency medical care and transportation to people who are ill, injured, or in need of urgent medical attention. The primary function of an ambulance service is to respond quickly and efficiently to emergency calls, transport patients to hospitals or medical facilities, and provide medical care en route.
    This is a private ambulance service that operates 24/7 and provides emergency medical care and transportation across the country.

    24Ambulance Service typically has highly trained and qualified. 24Ambulance Service may also have specialized vehicles and equipment to transport critically ill or injured patients, such as advanced life support ambulances and air ambulances.

    24Ambulance Service operates 24/7 to provide emergency medical care and transportation to those in need all over Bangladesh.

    our mission

    24 Ambulance Service mission is to provide life-saving emergency care to all people in Bangladesh, with a focus on accessibility, and excellence in service.

    our vission

    Our vision is to be the go-to resource for emergency Ambulance Service in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of services and solutions that make emergency Ambulance Service accessible for all.