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Productions units

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  • We take great care in selecting the vendors who manufacture our products. Most of the production units are Compliance certified or are Government Recognized Export House.

    Our production units have following like:

    1. Comprehensive in-house production set up.
    2. Facility for design and pattern making.
    3. In-house stitching / Finishing / Packing facilities.
    4. Equipped with washing plants, Sound raw material / fabric sourcing facility.
    5. Set up for embroidery work / patch work / appliqué work and other value additions.
    6. Ethical statement (Child labor, Wage & Benefit, Hours of work, Health and safety, Harassment, Woman’s Rights).

    Before starting any new business partnership, Partners Agency performs internal audits in order to assure that the factory meets the Buyer Standards of Compliance and Quality.

    For your ready ref. please see below our minimum production space:

    Production Capacity: 200000-500000 pcs per month.

    Production Capacity: 100000-300000 pcs per month.

    Production Capacity: 100000-300000 pcs per month.